On this webpage you will find the glossary of every term used, as well as the defintion of each. Please take the time to view these words and definitions, before making purchases from us. From Valentine's day to Cyber Monday to Christmas Xmas! We take pride in providing accurate information, for all items we sell, market, trade and consign.
Express check out - Simply implies that we are the only website that offers you the consumer, lighting fast check out! Purchase any product or service from our website in less than one minute!

Same day shipping - Means all products or services that are paid for before 5 pm est are shipped the same exact day

Lay a away - Is a pay as you go system, that allows you the client to be able to make monthly payments on any product or service our company offers on this website. Until the product or service, has been paid in full.

Factory sealed - Implies that all products that are factory sealed, are deemed brand new never opened and factory sealed direct from the manufacturer

Case fresh - Simply means that the product came straight from the original factory sealed box.

Case broken - Just implies that the item was the very first item, pulled from the factory sealed box.

New in box - Means products are brand new unused, however the original retail box has been opened

Pristine condition - Represents "perfect" no visible flaws.
Gem mint condtion - Implies that the item is almost pristine.
Mint condition - Means one level under gem mint. Close to perfect as can be, without actually being gem mint. Maybe one - two small tiny flaws may be found.
Near Mint condition - Represents a couple of minor flaws could be found, if you look hard enough for them.

Excellent condition - Simply means the item has one to two noticable flaws.
Good condition - Means a few noticable flaws, but these flaws do not effect the value or playablity of the item.
Average condition - Represents that the item has a lot of wear or usage. Which is noticable, but does not effect value or playability of the item.
Poor condtion - Just simply means the item has extreme amounts of use or wear. This condition may effect, the performance of the item.

Vintage - Implies that item is deemed old. Produced or manufactured several years ago. Any product fifteen years or older can be classified as vintage.

Collectible - Means desired by collectors, traders, marketeers, buyers or fans.

Rare - Simply means the item is hard to find. Not many available in todays open market.

Shelf wear - Represents visable signs of usage on or in the product. For example: the cabinet has a large amount of shelfwear. Shelfwear can mean but not limited to scratches, dents, dings, rub marks, cracks, water marks, holes etc..

NV  - Means low to no value at all.

Mop - Stands for mother of pearl. 

SS - Represents solid state stainless steel.

UNC - Uncirculated currency

AU - Almost uncirculated currency

C - Circulated currency

M - Mint condition currency

F - Fine condition currency

G - Good condition currency

V - Very fine or good condition currency

X - Extra fine or good condition currency

NOS -  Means new old stock. Meaning the item was produced several years ago, but has never been used. Therefore is still considered brand new.

OEM - Represents that the product comes direct from the factory.

OOP - Means out of print. Meaning the product is no longer for sale in stores and no longer being made by the manufacturer.

Discontinued - Implies that the product is no longer being sold in stores and has been pulled from the store shelves.

Limited edition - Means the product is apart of small amount of products produced. Some products are numbered in the order of which they were produced. For example: 1 / 50 the number 1 being the product in question, the number 50 being the limited number of products that were produced in total. Limited edition products are often referred to in sets, cases, prizes or pieces.

Short print - Often confused with limited edition, short printed products are not mass produced in the amounts that limited edition products are produced. Short print products were produced in smaller amounts, deeming them rarer.

Misb - Stands for mint in sealed box. Meaning the product is factory sealed never opened.

Mib - Implies that the item is mint in box. Meaning the product is in mint condition, however the box has been opened. 

Fts - Means factory tape sealed. Meaning the product's outter box's factory tape seals are intact.
Confirming that the product inside brand new factory sealed and unopened.

Doa - Stands for dead on arrival. Meaning the product does not work.

Ntsc - stands for the disc can be played on U.S. /  Canada disc players.

Region free - Means the unit can play all discs, without region restrictions.

Valentine's day - Nation wide holiday celebrated by couples, all over the country.

TM - indicates the product is trademarked

One of One - Indicates that this particular card, is the only one in the entire world.

1 / 1 - Means the card or product, is the only card or product in existence. Same applies for increased numbers, such 1 / 2,  1 / 5,    1 / 25 example: 3 / 25 means this card or product, is three of twenty five ever produced in the world. The first number before the slash also refers to that particular card or product, as being first printed, second, printed, third printed in the production order in which the item was produced.

Serial number - A series of numbers referred to as a category number, category number and / or model number which was produced by the manufacturer, to allow patrons to confirm that the product in question, was indeed produced by that particular manufacturer. 

Game used - Indicates the product being marketed, was used by the athlete

Coa - Represents certificate of authenticity, indicates the product was certified and guaranteed as being authentic or real via certification.

Loa - Represents letter of authenticity indicates that the product was certified and guaranteed as being authentic or real via letter.

Auto - Indicates that the product was personally autographed by the athlete or entertainer. 

Bgs - Beckett grading service numbers 1 - 10 from lowest to highest, represents the value of the card. The higher number, the higher the value. Example Bgs 10 means perfect condition, anything less than bgs 9 is deemed unacceptable.

Afa - Action figure authority numbers 0 - 100 from lowest to highest, represents the value of the toy or product. The higher the number, the higher the value. Example Afa 100 is perfect condition, anything less than afa 80 is deemed not acceptable.

1, 2, 3 Color patch - Known as color patch or thread cards. Sports cards that have been produced with game worn patches from athletes uniform. Considered game worn or game issued, unless mentioned otherwise. Color patch cards are issued in either one, two or three patches depending on the card manufacturer. Same applies to duel, triple, quadruple and quintuple athlete cards. 

Case break - Generally applies to a factory sealed case of sports or entertainment cards being opened.

First edition - Indicates the book in question, is in the very first edition ever released. In most cases, the older the first edition the rarer the book.

Re issued edition -  Means the same book, was re released. Most cases rereleased under a different binder, cover, author or title.

Deprivation - The item or product in question, has lost value. 

Market value - The current market place, depicting what buyers are currently paying for products or services.

Black Friday - Post Thanksgiving day sale, which allows customers to receive up to 70 % percent off on online products for sale on this day.

Cyber Monday - Post Black Friday sale which allows customers to receive up to 70 % percent off of selected products for sale on this day.

Christmas holiday special - Xmas sale which allows customers to receive up to 50 % off selected products prior to the Christmas holiday.

New Year's eve special - Pre new year's day holiday special, which allows customers to receive a discount on selected products purchased on or before New Year's eve.

New Year's day special - New Years day sale which allows customers to purchase selected products, at a discounted rate.