About Us
Our company is based on the belief, that our client's needs are of the up most
importance.  Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result,
if you have never dealt with us before, now is time to do so!  We specialize in
finding the world's hottest and most sort after products. With over 274 years of
experience in the retail business and 401 combined years in the trading industry, we
can not be beat!  We are Certified Platinum POWER SELLERS on
eBAY for almost nine years running, selling on there site for ten years going
on a record breaking eleventh year. We are also AMAZON professional sellers as well!
You can even follow us live on Twitter and Instagram! With our own online store
and a two warehouses full of merchandise ready to be sold to the world, we are committed
to excellence!  From consignment items, to selling commercial and residential property
worldwide!  We are the leading pioneers, of the next generation of collectoring buying,
selling, trading and marketing. What made us start our on website?  With the extremely high
outrageous costs to sell on Ebay and Amazon, we finally decided to build our own website.
So you may buy from us directly,without any hassel!  In turn we will offer you the very best
deals. Showcasing our new buy it before 5 pm get it shipped same day program, no other
online merchant, can offer you this fresh new way of doing business! All purchases which
are more than $ 1,000.00 will receive FREE SAME DAY AIR ( Express Mail ), holiday
half off sales, annual buyer participation contests, new frequent promotions and much
more! So check out our Contests and Upcoming Promotions Webpage, for awesome new 
deals that will save you money!!  With over 15,000 new items such as Cartier, Droids, AP,
Apple Mac books, Rolex watches, Android smart phones, real estate homes,commerial and
residential properties, vehicles, and more to post to our website, and over 500,000 items in
our store warehouse, let us work for you!  We also offer repair services such as emulation
services, transportation, marketing and upgrading services for all major electronic and
collectible items. Such as laptops, televisions, watches, desktops, video game systems,
home, audio, video, car, truck and boat equipment. Home and business installation and
many more! Our moto is " we buy sell and trade everything! " With our new rewards program
in place, our top priority customer is you!  The more you buy, the more you save! We even
offer EXPRESS CHECK - OUT which guarantees you the customer, super fast check - out
services! Just contact our customer service department through our contact us page and
one of our customer service agents, will place your order in less than one minute!

We now offer lay  - a - away programs as well! Pick any product or service that we offer,
pay on it monthly and once the product or service has been paid for in full... It's all yours!
We now offer restoration services! Need a product brought back to life? Our restoration team
is the best in the business at bringing your old collectible back from the dead! Enroll in our
new rewards program and save even more money! Who does not like to save money right?
We here is how our rewards program works .. repeat clients will be able to earn rewards
points, which can be used to save money on all future purchases! For more information,
contact our customer support team by scrolling over to the contact us section.  We are avid
members of many different functions and organizations such as CGA, NFIB, NAWCC, U.S.
Coin Collecting, Google networking and many more.  Feel Free to email our wonderful user
friendly customer care division, for any trade deals, consignment tasks, network promotions,
selling ventures, real estate projects, employment opportunities, advertisement of your new
or existing business and more! With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine's day, Easter,
Mother's day, Father's day and Christmas Xmas holidays all coming up, now is to time to
take advantage of major savings! Help us support our USA TROOPS!! 
Without them there would be no us!
eBAY certified

USA & CANADA locations

Monday  -   Friday :  8 AM - 5 PM  ( CORPORATE HOURS ONLY )
Saturdays:  8 AM - 8 PM
Sundays:    CLOSED
Holidays:    CLOSED
                                                  PAYMENTS ACCEPTED
We accept Paypal, Propay, Moneybookers, Postal money orders ( preferred )
Cashier checks, Money orders, Western union, MoneyGram, E-checks,
Bank to bank transfers, Cash  ( via mail or in person ). 
       We are also  PayPal CERTIFIED as well as VERIFIED!
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                                  POSTAL SERVICE